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Inspiring Children's Futures in Tanzania

We believe that every child deserves to feel happy, healthy, and safe, but in Tanzania so many children are growing up without the basic essentials they need to thrive. We are a small, volunteer-led charity with our hearts and minds focussed on improving the lives of children affected by poverty in the south west of Tanzania. We work closely with the local community to support 150 vulnerable children each year to gain an education, access health care, and improve their home environments.


Primary education is free in Tanzania, but families often struggle to meet the cost of buying school uniforms and learning resources. We meet the cost of all the essentials children need to gain an education.

Poverty has a damaging impact on children’s health and wellbeing. We provide free access to health care and treatment for children and their families. This helps to increase their chances of staying healthy and making a good recovery from illness.

Many families often can’t afford to feed their children, buy basic goods, or carry out essential repairs to their homes. We provide bedding, blankets, basic furniture, and help with maintenance to make sure children feel safe and secure in their home.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela, 2003


Mwamini was widowed 15 years ago and cares for two children without any help from extended family. Her health has been deteriorating in recent years and she can no longer tend to the plot of land where she used to grow vegetables and maize. These days, Mwamini makes a living by producing bamboo skewers for meat, which she sells  to local street vendors in town. On a good day she can make the equivalent of around 50 pence, just enough to buy flour, vegetables and other essentials. Her youngest child has stomach problems and needs regular medical help. We provide access to free health care, so thankfully Mwamini does not have to find the extra money for vital medicines. In 2018, Mwamini’s house was badly affected by heavy rains causing the roof to collapse. Our team responded immediately by reconstructing the house and making improvements such as a concrete floor and walls. Mwamini is so happy for this life-changing support. She feels safe and protected in her refurbished house. The children are now sleeping without fear. 


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