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So many children are growing up in poverty and are denied their right to an education, to feeling healthy and well, and to living in a safe home. We help vulnerable children in Tanzania to realise their potential through our education, health care and habitat programmes. 



Salma is 9 years old and lives with her grandmother, Agnella, and seven other children, including siblings and cousins. Salma’s mother and father died within months of each when she was very young. Agnella has taken care of her ever since. 

Agnella is 67 years old and is no longer able to work or lift heavy loads. She provides what she can for the family but the children often go without food. Agnella was desperate for help so that Salma could learn, be healthy and look forward to a better life.

Children of Songea were able to provide Salma with clothing and educational materials so that she can go to primary school. We also ensure that Salma receives medicines for life threatening diseases such as malaria. This helps Salma to get a better start in life and gives her hope for the future.


So many children like Salma experience vulnerability and risk on a daily basis, robbing them of their chance to be who they want to be. Their families are locked in a battle for survival but with a little help we can lighten this burden and offer children hope for a better life. 

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