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Good health opens up the possibility of gaining an education and ultimately a life free from poverty. Every child should be able to grow up healthy and free from the long-term impact of preventable disease. We provide children and their families with free access to health care and medicines through Tanzania's Community Health Fund scheme. 



Mwanaidi, aged 10, suffers from ‘jiggers’ a condition caused by insects burrowing under the skin and laying eggs. This causes severe itchiness, swelling, and risks infection. ‘Jiggers’ is common for those living in houses with earth floors, as this is where the insects live. Malaria is also a problem and the family often go without food. We offer free access to health care and medicines for the whole family and also provide nets which offer some protection from mosquitoes. Next year, we hope to refurbish their home so that they can have more space and can live without fear of the infestation of insects.

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