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100 children receive education materials and clothing

This week we distributed school materials and clothing to more than 100 children in Ruvuma ward, Songea. We are so proud of our sister organisation, Watoto Trust, who do an incredible job at supporting the most vulnerable families.

Schooling is free for every child and young person in Tanzania but many are unable to attend unless they have the resources to learn. Provision of basic materials such as pencils and exercise books may not sound like much, but it can make all the difference in a child's ability to learn at school. Class sizes can range from 75-150 pupils with just one teacher, and without writing materials, children struggle to capture information in lessons and are unable to review this later when they study at home.

Uniforms, shoes and school bags are also essential items that enable children to go to school. Although many schools will not discriminate if children come to school without a uniform, it does give children a sense of belonging and pride. Importantly, it also relieves the pressure on parents and carers to find the money to provide this clothing. When many are earning less than 50 pence per day, it is not surprising that food and other household essentials are prioritised. The cost of uniforms and shoes far exceeds many families' budgets.

For more information on our education programme, get in touch at

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