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Update on Coronavirus

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to assure all our supporters that we continue to be in close contact with the team in Songea and are monitoring the situation. All schools are now closed and efforts are underway to contain the spread of the virus.

It is unclear at this stage what the impact of the pandemic will be in Tanzania but already steps are being taken at a local level to contain the spread of the virus. Hand washing stations have been set up outside shops in town and we will work with local officials to help promote effective public protection measures.

We are concerned for the many vulnerable families that we support at this time and are monitoring the situation to ensure that we do all we can to protect the health and wellbeing of the children and families supported through our programmes.

We also recognise that, here in the UK, the pandemic is having a devastating impact on families and communities up and down the country. Our thoughts are with all those adversely affected by the crisis at this time.

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